Rat Pak Records 5 year Anniversary FREE Compilation CD " "UNLEASHED 5" 2009 Featuring cool Hard Rock and Heavy Metal side projects, collaborations,and solo efforts from current members of Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Queensryche, Metal Church, The Scorpions, F5, Mushroomhead. With offerings from Ventana, Kottak, Vehement Serenade, Soulbender, Rick Van Zandt, Jason Hook, Mike Stone, Matt Byrne, Twisted Roots, Hour Past, Q, Pulse 8, Prophesy, Spiral Trance, Widow Sunday, SmokeBox, Snake Skin Prison, Metal Knights, Tiwanaku, Purenform, Candlelit Chaos, Dark Every Day, Southern Backtones, Finespun, 3 Kisses, Another Failure, Mongrel and more. Unleashed 5 marks our 5th year of being a record label. The "Unleashed" compilation series was originally created with the intent to promote our own artists as well as turn you on to some new bands you might not have had a chance to discover yet. Not all artists featured on this CD (or past releases) are signed to Rat Pak Records. Some bands are national names who have a side project, some bands are unsigned, and some are studio bands only. This release offers an extremely diverse batch of musical styles and genres. It definitely has something for everyone. Unleashed 5 will be our last compilation in this series. We deeply appreciate and thank all of those who have participated in the last 5 years. Enjoy "Unleashed 5" and take the time to check out & say hello to all the bands featured. It is our hope that you will discover a new band or 2 and enjoy them for many many years to come!

Tracks / Songs featured on Unleashed 5 online version
(some tracks featured on the online version do not appear on the CD)

Soulbender - Clockwork and Compass
Hour Past - Insomnia
Ventana - Sad History of the World
Vehement Serenade - Eyes of the Decieved
F5 - No Excuse
Twisted Roots - Voices
Piggy D - Brave or Faithless
Ronny Munroe - Far
Prophesy - Dying to Kill
Jason Hook - American Justice
Kottak - Class of 3000
Rick Van Zandt - Toccata in D Minor
Mike Stone - Mother Trucker
Widow Sunday - Strings of Clarity
Matt Byrne - The Last Man on Earth
Tiwanaku - Today in Battle
Q - Torn
Pulse 8 - Read My Scars
Snake Skin Prison - Rock 'n Roll Pain Train
SmokeBox - Mary Jane
Candlelit Chaos - Starlight
Dark Every Day - Burning
Purenform - On the Rocks
Spiral Trance - All in Due Time
Southern Backtones - Dirty
Finespun - 4 Walls One Window
Metal Knights - Death Defier
Another Failure - This is True Hate
3 Kisses - Worker Bee
Mongrel - Scum
Special Thanks / Credits

W. Ross Wells
Joseph Stallone
Dan Workman
Tina Peek
Adam Cutler
Breanne Jennifer
Mark Thompson
Vilos Cohaagen
Jen Kowalski
Eric LaBrosse
Stanley Ipcis
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